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My story

My name is Liesbeth Visscher and I am the owner and designer of Aparticle Art and Jewelry.


The jewelry I make are a wide line of vintage beads and pendants necklaces to home-made Bohemian feather jewelery.

In the past, I had a lot of nature walking through dunes and meadows. I think there is my inspiration for making nature-inspired jewelry such as earrings with feathers.


I did not follow a study in making jewelry and my artwork is autodidact. Everything I make is a natural way. I like to try things out. That makes all the jewelry that I make so unique and special. You do not find anything else.


After my education retail, I worked in stores. Something I've always been very fond of, but making my painting talent and jewelry remained. I did not have time for that. Until the children came. I stayed at René who has the diagnosis of Autism with a mental disability. Together with my husband I take care of him.


I started painting again and one day I wanted another hobby for myself and I made a necklace with earrings for an evening. This became a bigger hobby and I learned to know Etsy. Etsy is a global marketplace with all creative people selling their creations worldwide. Everyone with his own webshop.


Aparticle has two stores on Etsy. JHFWBeadsAndFindings for my jewelry and Aparticle for my artwork. I've always wanted to keep this one separated.

Recently, my husband, Dennis Visscher, also works with Aparticle where he takes on the beautiful nature pictures.


It's wonderful to make things that people are happy about.




I sell everything via my webshops on Etsy. Etsy is a platform where sellers and buyers meet each other. Every transaction is secured and save.



Our Products

Handpainted bottles


Our hand-painted beer and wine bottles are a unique and fun addition to your home furnishings or terrace decorations. Many of the bottles are inspired by the so-called "Woodspirits" cut from wood.

All bottles are acrylic painted by hand and are also called upsycle artworks because old bottles get a new destination instead of throwing away.

We also make custom made art on bottles. An example of this is a portrait of a lover on a beautiful wine bottle.

For more information, take a look at the store or contact us.



Paintings painted by Liesbeth Visscher from Zwolle. These are all original hand-painted wall art. Not only small canvas cloths but also acrylic on big canvas. All artworks are original and unique. Most painted with acrylic paint. Also for customized assignments such as a portrait. If you want to visit first, please contact us for an appointment or take a look at our gallery.



Art prints


These are prints that you can print yourself. After the order is in, you can download and print the files as often as you like. Not only drawings and painted prints, but also pictures that you may use as home or office decor or for placing on your website.

We also have cards and labels like funeral cards that you can download.

You may print (or print out in a studio) as often as you wish, but do not use it for commercial purposes.



All my jewelry are designed and handmade. Many of the jewelry are bohemian and gypsy fashion style. These are often tough and made for the free spirit. Our jewelry is often made of leather and decorated with stones or feathers. These stondes are often pebbles wrapped in wire. On the picture next to it you will see earrings made of Barnsteen wrapped with brass wire and genuine leather straps.

Because all jewelry is made by hand, every gem is a unique gift for her or him.

All jewellery come in homemade jewelry gift bags made of felt



Jewelry gift boxes


We also make and sell hand painted jewelry gift boxes. These wood-made items are hand painted and are a beautiful and unique gift wrapping idea. It is a work of fine art on a box and very beautiful as a house or bedroom decor. In addition to gift packaging ideas we also have luxurious handmade jewelry storage boxes.

A nice addition to your collection.


Dr. Schaepmanlaan 19, Zwolle, 8014 ZH

The Netherlands KvK: 62162586