Hello and welcome at Aparticle

Christmas is comming and we are ready to stop your stockings. One of our fashion tip is our leather bracelets. Small gifts for your great and beloved persons in life. All of our jewelry, so also our bracelets, are handmade by #Aparticle and are tailor made4you.

For earring lovers we have a special collection of boho style earrings made with feathers and beads. We have roosterfeathers, Jay feathers, Geunea Fowl and last but not least bird of pray feathers. These are all natural feathers and made from pet birds.

Brown leather straps bracelets
Bohemian style fashion jewelry handmade jewelery
Feather earrings

For fine art lovers we have a special gift: A custom portrait on a bottle. All hand painted by #Aparticle. We have all kinds of bottles: from small beerbottles to large Champagne bottles. A very unique gift for him or her. Off course also on canvas instead of glass.

Tango acrylic painting original
Rachel Brice artwork
Personalized custom made handpainted portraits bottle art portrait win
Closeup of paintbrush in woman hands mixing paints on palette
Geisha with sakura Japanese cherry blossom grey gray pink red art artw

Dr. Schaepmanlaan 19, Zwolle, 8014 ZH


Dr. Schaepmanlaan 19, Zwolle, 8014 ZH

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